Slabs of Granite offer tough and beautiful natural stone products.

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A Piece of Something Special –There's Nothing Tougher
Slabs of GraniteGranite is one of the strongest and durable stones knownI and it'st durability is exactly why it's such a prized material for high impact and regularly used surfaces such as a kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities or floor tiles. Granite has an amazing natural beauty and it comes in a variety of colours, shades and textures all unique to that particular granite slab. When buying granite for countertops or bathroom vanities the granite comes in slab form and the slabs must then be cut down to the appropriate size required for a countertop or for cutouts like sinks or electrical outlets. There has to be a great degree of precision in measurements and cuts for the job to be done properly as any mistakes could damage the granite slab resulting in lost time and money. When dealing with the installation of a granite slab kitchen countertop or washroom vanity it's best to leave this work to experienced professionals because of the high cost and value of the materials.
The Best in Quality
If a granite slab countertop is cared for properly, it could easily last for well over a hundred years and remain in the same condition from the day it was first installed. Granite slab countertops are heat resistant to temperatures well above anything that may be used in the kitchen area and will not burn or catch fire, but the finish of the countertop can be damaged if hot items are placed directly on its surface. For this reason, in order to protect the finish, it is recommended that a heat-resistant pot holder or a placemat be placed between the surface of the granite countertop and the hot object, to protect the finish from the heat. Because granite slab countertops are made from natural stone, they are also highly resistant to scratches, cracks, and breakage. They are also non-porous which makes them easy to clean with a simple wipe and will not secrete mould and bacteria.
Granite slabs can weigh hundreds of pounds and must be properly carried to reduce stress during transport. If the granite slab is not carefully laid on the cabinetry, it could crack at a later time during regular use. The granite slab will be precisely cut with a diamond tip saw to fit the templates. The joint seams will be sealed and the edge will be treated to create a smooth, attractive perimeter. Once installed your granite will sparkle and its unique beauty will be dazzling in your space.